CTM Toronto

CTM Toronto branch was established in 2015 and the main purpose of our Toronto branch is to provide Canadian tourists travelling to China and Chinese tourists travelling to Canada with outbound tour services. Our Toronto branch office has already begun marketing and branding to quickly gain market shares and to create more competitive advantage in the international market. With many years of experience and dedication in the travel industry which includes a rich and deep understanding of the Chinese culture, precise depth in product knowledge to and from its destinations. We create fantastic memorable tours to our customers to ensure they fully experience China's profound rich history, exotic lifestyle and breathtaking landscapes.

Address: Unit # L8A 280 West Beaver Creek Road, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4B 3Z1, Canada 

Telephone: 1-905-881-2333

Fax: 1-647-699-9285

C: 1-647-828-8922

E-mail: chcan@cjnet.com.cn