Century Holiday Inbound Tour Services

Branch Offices Inbound Reception

Century Holiday was one of the pioneers of the China inbound tour industry and inbound tour services remains one of the main strengths of the company. 

Business Scope: group tours, FIT, tailor-made tours, golf tours, M.I.C.E, incentive tours, business tours, themed tours, hotel reservations, domestic and international flight booking services. Century Holiday has over 20 years experience in inbound tourism and reception. Each year we receive over 10,000 tour groups and on average we have provided 350,000 customers with our inbound tour services. 

As one of the leading professional inbound tour service providers we provide online booking services, ground services, product design and quality service. We have branch offices located in China’s top tourist cities. Using our successful business model and marketing in Shenzhen and applying the same model to our branch offices we have created win-win situations and a great reputation. 

To satisfy our customers overseas and the development needs of the company, Century Holiday established China Tour Advisors in 2011. Chinatouradvisors.com is a professional B2C platform which provides convenient online booking and information for clients. Our professional team who specialize in the tourism industry guarantee a safe, professional and customer friendly online experience. 





Shangpin Tours – Outbound Services

Southern Region & Northern Region


Shangpin Tours is  Century Holiday’s outbound tour brands and is made up two subsidiaries which  are Shangpin Tours Shenzhen Co.,Ltd and Shangpin Tours International (Beijing)  Co., Ltd.

Shangpin Tour Concept
Shangpin Tours believes in “creating  tour experiences close to the heart”. With our constant development and professional overseas resort services we have a professional team which is experienced in planning outbound tours. With the support of AirAsia, HK  Express, Tiger Air, Thai Smile, Jetstar, Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines,  Hong Kong Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Hainan Airlines and other international  airlines we have been able to provide different customers with tailor made FIT  tours. Tailor-made tours include Island Tours, Quality Tours, Themed Tours,  Golf Tours and other personal tour services. Over the past 10 years both the  southern region and northern region have continuously developed and perfected  services and products for customers.  
Vision  of Shangpin Tours

At present, the  main promotional destination in the industry competition, occupy a larger  market share. When choosing to open up new destinations we are focused on customer experience and satisfaction. We don't choose inexpensive tour groups as the main itinerary for our  main destination. We promote single holiday destinations focusing on Singapore, Malaysia,  Thailand and other Islands. Attention to the destination hotel and direct  purchase of ground receiving products, the formation of market competitiveness such  as Singapore, Sabah, Chiang Mai and Da Nang.

Relying on aviation resource channels and vigorously  promoting new and exclusive destinations, for the industry to provide the necessary and timely support for resources. Through market  promotion and marketing strategies Shangpin Tours has achieved outstanding  achievement in the past 10 years. The now successful branch business model will  be applied to the branch offices. With our remarkable results, we are willing  to grow together with other travel agencies and partners sharing opportunities and  seek common development.

Sparkle Travel Service & MICE

Specialized Travel Services

Sparkle Travels is dedicated in providing M.I.C.E  services, business tours, incentive tours, family tours and educational tours.


E-tours  International has over 10 years experience in planning M.I.C.E services and a  great knowledge of China’s business reception demands and standards. Our  professional team speaks both Chinese and English and will accompany you throughout your tour.

We provide high  quality tourism services for government events and enterprise training and study. Planning  services for incentive tours and group building activities for various large and  medium-sized enterprises. Our services  cover a wide range of destinations such as Hong Kong, Macau, Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, Middle East, Africa and many more. Details of services from trip planning,  invitation management, visa applications, contacting and inviting relevant  enterprises and government departments for events. 

Family  Tours

The aim of our tours is to provide you and  the family with a unique tour experience which emphasizes our brand and dedicated services. We put together some of the most inspiring tours that are great for children of all ages. Our family travel specialists know what works best for children. Spending quality time with the children and learn with them whilst  also making memories.Build on trust and communicate with children on our family tours which will  enrich the whole experience

Educational Tours

We have created  an educational tour brand Thoth Education Consulting (Shenzhen) Co. ,Ltd which is focused on inbound and outbound educational  tours. The main destinations of our educational tours are Southeast Asia, Hong  Kong, Macau and other mainstream cities in China. Our combination of inbound and outbound educational tours, family tours combined with educational tours and educational trips out of the classroom which includes information of the school curriculum.


Overseas Destination

Sabah, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bali, Hong Kong, Macau, Toronto

Providing domestic and international clients with quality tour services.


Sabah: Quality island tour services, yachts, diving and gourmet.


Kuala Lumpur: Wonderful scenery, local cuisine and unforgettable local customs.


Singapore: Parent-child tours and educational tours with comprehensive services.


Toronto: The romantic maple leaf capital providing clients with quality services.


AirAsia Service Centers

“Now Everyone Can Fly”

In 2007 AirAsia introduced its Kuala Lumpur  to Macau flights and its brand new value friendly concept “Now Everyone Can  Fly”. Aware of the trend for low cost flights Century Holiday was quick to  negotiate cooperating with AirAsia. Presently Century Holiday has AirAsia  service centers in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xian,  Kunming, Nanning, Changsha, Zhuhai and Macau. Each year we serve 120,000  customers offering price saving air tickets, hotel consulting and reservation  services.


Sinagpore Visa

Singapore Visa Application Services

Century Holiday International Travel Group is proud to announce that we are the only travel agency in Shenzhen that has been appointed by Singapore Embassy as a designated authorized travel agency for offering Singapore Visas. Century Holiday directly processes applications and offer tourism visas, business visas and visa for visiting relatives.

Shenzhen Headquarters

Telphone: + (86) 755-25029098

E-mail: singapore.sz@cjnet.com.cn

Address: No.4028 Jiabin Road, 12th Floor, Pacific Building 1217, Shenzhen

Singapore Discovery

Telephone: + (86)755 26404010


Address: Coastal City, Floor 2, 232, Wenxin Wu Road, Nanshan, Shenzhen

Educational Tours

Thoth Education Consulting (Shenzhen) Co. ,Ltd specializes in inbound and outbound study education travel services

Toth Education Consulting(Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd specializes in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and China as a destination, with the inbound tourism and outbound study as the brand of China's quality education travel service agency.


Innovative highlights of education travel core competitiveness model:

  • Inbound study tour & outbound study tour.
  • Combining youth study tour, study and enterprise research training.
  • Parent-child travel and study combination.
  • Combination of extracurricular education travel and school-based curriculum design.

Online Platforms

CTM wholesale platform, China Tour Advisors and E-tours


CTM is positioned to become an international, comprehensive, overseas outbound travel products wholesale service B2B platform. Through upstream resources and the advantages of overseas network CTM will root its services wholesaler to the outbound market. With our intelligent technology and application development, comprehensive product purchasing services CTM strives to become the leading wholesale platform in the industry. 


Product data base has more than 180,000 hotels reservation services, transfer services in over 500 cities, 6800 vacation packages including FIT, Visas, tickets and other services. The CTM system has over 3,800 registered travel agencies and over 2,000 overseas active distribution channels for foreign travel agencies. Each year CTM has 500,000 transactions with over 70% of products with preferential terms. 




Chinatouradvisors.com is a China based professional online travel agency and tour operator which is Century Holiday’s professional inbound ecommerce platform established in 2012. Focused on providing international standard tailor-made services for clients touring China is the main aim of China Tour Advisors. With a professional team and a strong background in the tourism industry we offer clients the most convenient, trustworthy and professional services.


China Tour Advisors provide online bookings and instant confirmation for customers. Bookings for reception services and tourist attraction tickets are also available online.Design a tailor-made tour with the help of our professional tour consultants.